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Digital Making – What is it?


An activity where someone makes or creates something using digital technology and, in the process, learns something about how the technology works. Face to face interaction with others is a vital part of developing competences and skills.

Educational Platform – What is it?

Technical, methodological, and social resources to develop the curiosity, problem solving skills and required leadership in a sharing economy.

Digital Entrepreneurship – What is it?

Represents a joining of entrepreneurship with an emphasis on new technologies, the opportunities created by these technologies, and new business forms.


Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR)



The Fourth Industrial Revolution will transform our lives,  how we work and conduct our personal and social relationships.

FIR: Implications

Disruption in Education

Rethink education systems.

Governments, companies and educational institutions must create a wide network of synergies to redesign teaching methods and permanent training of the workforce.

The current system is falling into the obsolescence very quickly.

The human being is the central component of the networks that constitute the core of the Digital Society.

It is the task of the educational system to provide the COMPETENCES required to guarantee the continuous development of these technological, economic and social capacities.

Also contribute to the profound transformations benefit the whole of society and nations.

Education in FIR
RPi 3B: Plataforma Digital de Aprendizaje

The Power of the small.

Digital Making Educational Platform for creativity and development.

Raspberry Pi Blog

Raspberry Pi: Digital educational platform

To finding Raspberry Pi tutorials on the internet, makers’ first port of call is YouTube.


Educators: at the center of the new digital era


Educators demand adequate training to prepare them to properly discover and promote the required competences in the 21st century. It is urgent to design programs that respond effectively to the exponential effects of automation, as well as to the global demands arising from the merger of new technologies. Innovation requires a permanent requalification. In addition to the knowledge in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, skills such as the ability to listen, critical thinking, the ability to solve problems, rapid adaptability to changes, and teamwork will be essential.

Education and skills in the 21 Century

About us


1. Discovery21, LLC is registered in the State of Florida and intends to focus its action in the Caribbean and South Florida.

2. We are working to create a virtual community in which anyone with curiosity, willingness to learn and share knowledge can participate and join this Excursion to the Digital Age.

3. For this, we are working on a Digital Platform, Discovery21 Global Network: "Intelligence and development".


Our Mission


1. Increase the level of awareness about the scope and impact of the technological and digital revolution.

2. Help to create a conceptual framework that helps to understand the technological revolution and its impact on development.

3. Provide a platform from which the synergy of the public and private sectors in all matters related to the technological revolution is encouraged.

4. Promote the professional development of educators, librarians and other social agents with the objective of empowering them with the knowledge and skills necessary to foster in their community the discovery of the new Digital Age and creativity. In order to learn, solve problems and have fun. All this through face-to-face courses and the online platform; through the use of high capacity and low cost computers.


Despite our global projection, Discovery21 focuses its efforts in the Caribbean and South Florida area. This region comprises a diverse population that is closely interconnected for reasons of geography, as well as cultural, historical and economic ties.


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